Lyra Network Receives a Special Award for Business Excellence in the Field of Payment Technology at the French Tech Tour to India 2018

Lyra Network, a global leader in securing payments in e-commerce and POS, received a special award for ‘Business excellence in the field of Payment Technology’ on its 10th anniversary during the ‘French Tech Tour to India 2018’.

With the French President, Emmanuel Macron opening the doors for Indian entrepreneurs and startups, France is focusing on technology and developing strong partnerships with the Indian startup’s ecosystem.

The French Tech Tour in India was held for tech startup companies to come together and to develop commercial and technological partnerships in India.

Lyra Network was the first company to be felicitated during the event and was presented with the honour by H.E. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India.

“The Indo-French relationship is nurtured by French companies that have chosen to come to India and to invest in this country. That is why I am pleased to present a special award tonight to Lyra Network on its 10th anniversary in India. We hope that the next 10 years will be as or even more successful,” said H.E. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India.

Lyra Network has crossed many thresholds and milestones over the past decade and works with the major banks in India and several government organisations like India Post. The company envisions expanding its presence in India by providing multiple offerings in the dynamic payment domain. In its 10 years in India, Lyra Network has been recognized as one of the twenty most promising payments and card technology company in India. Lyra Network was also selected to be a part of the delegation with the President of France Emmanuel Macron during his last visit to India.

“Lyra will continue to play a leading role in the government’s digitisation initiative in the future. It has been an eventful decade for us and with every step forward, we are ensuring that we maintain the repute of being the leading payment solutions company. In the coming days of innovation, we strive to maintain dedication, best technology, best customer service, and above all, huge investments in terms of time, efforts and money,” said Rajesh Desai, CEO and Director, Lyra India, about their future plans and growth in India.

“Lyra India has been progressive and dynamic throughout this past decade and we look forward to more eventful and fruitful decades to come,” says Christophe Mariette, Chairman of Lyra India and Associate Director of Lyra Group.


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